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Do you want to develop professionally while engaging your pupils as a teacher? If your school is undergoing a digital transformation, are you the head of the education system or a school leader looking for help and connections with other like-minded leaders?

Microsoft supports an active network of educators and school administrators that collaborate to improve students’ lives and the globe. The Showcase School and Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert programs were developed to support your learning, development, and connections.

Schools and educators involved in these educational initiatives gain from Microsoft’s assistance as they embark on their digital transformation path. Additionally, Microsoft gives educators and school administrators chances to communicate and exchange innovative ideas.

How to join the MIE Expert program

The MIE Expert program is for anybody who supports teaching and learning and wants to expand their own practice, whether they are a professional learning specialist, a teacher, a school leader, an education coach, a curriculum specialist, or another type of specialist. It’s a group of independent educators who are enthusiastic about incorporating Microsoft technology into teaching and learning, encourage students to think creatively, and enjoy working in teams. MIE Experts have free access to programs for certification and professional growth. They also impart their knowledge by taking the lead in local training sessions, delivering talks at gatherings, publishing blogs, using social media, and more. They are inventive and business-minded, relishing the role of “change agent,” and use Microsoft technologies and cutting-edge teaching techniques to promote excellence in education.

To join this diverse and exciting community, please follow these four easy steps to nominate yourself.

Step 1: Join the Microsoft Learn Educator Center and complete your profile. You should have completed at least two modules in the Learn Educator Center. You will share the link to your transcript by clicking your profile picture, selecting “profile”, then selecting “transcript”. You will be asked to share the URL to your transcript in your nomination.

Step 2: Ensure that you have successfully passed two hours of courses on the MEC and earned your certified MIE badge. You must be a Certified MIE to become (or stay) an MIE Expert.

Step 3: Prepare your nomination with our helpful guide that will answer your questions and provide links to get you up to speed on any tools you are less familiar with. Note that there are three phases to the nomination process: Sharing information about you, a scored questionnaire to demonstrate a base knowledge of Microsoft tools that support teaching and learning, and long-form answers which will be reviewed by the local Microsoft team in your country/region.

Step 4:Nominate yourself by the deadline specified from Microsoft. The 2022-2023 cohort of MIE Experts has already been announced which can be viewed here.

We look forward to welcoming you into the growing MIE Expert community and celebrating innovation in teaching and learning together!

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